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The National Police eviscerates a criminal organization dedicated to the intensive cultivation of marijuana, and involved more than 3,000 plants

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The National Police eviscerates a criminal organization dedicated to the intensive cultivation of marijuana, and involved more than 3,000 plants

Agents of the National Police have dismantled a criminal organization dedicated, allegedly, to the intensive cultivation of marijuana and have been involved over 3,000 plants. The agents have arrested 12 people of vietnamese origin, in the province of Albacete and Murcia, which formed a network dedicated to the intensive cultivation of marijuana in warehouses, and that had settled in the province of Albacete. The investigation had completely refurbished the ships, by installing a complex infrastructure architectural and electrical to carry out, in its interior, the whole process of production of marijuana. During searches, officers located six individuals who were residing in the interior of the craft in a hygienic conditions were precarious, without documentation and without the possibility of getting out of them. Six of the detainees have admitted to prison.

Citizen collaboration through www.policia.es/colabora.php

The investigation began in march of this year, thanks to the collaboration of the general public through www.policia.es/colabora.phpthat allows you to get in contact with the National Police to report facts or situations which could give beginning to research regarding allegedly criminal offences. Through this portal, the agents received information from anonymous citizens who alleged that he was cultivating marijuana in a hall in the polígono industrial Campollano of Albacete.

With the first research, the researchers proved the existence of an industrial warehouse that had been rented for several british citizens of eastern origin, the place where they carried out an alleged logistics activity, storage of goods not perishable. However, after several efforts by the police, they discovered that it was a “lid” since the ship was only visited on a weekly, at evening hours, for individuals east that remained in its interior there is a maximum of 10 minutes.

Cultivation of marijuana in three industrial buildings in Albacete

With the progress of the investigation, the officers located two other industrial buildings where, apparently, it was carrying out the cultivation of marijuana. Both ships were located in Albacete; one of them was also in the polygon Campollano Norte while the other was located in the polígono industrial de Villarobledo. They also observed how the investigation came frequently to the different supermarkets, where acquiring large amounts of food that are subsequently introduced in the ships.

The agents noted that in the interior of the ships were individuals residing by way of “caregivers”, performing conservation, maintenance, cleaning and collection of the marijuana. It also found that some of the investigated, among them the two ringleaders, frequented stores Grow Shop in the acquired products and effects for the intensive cultivation of marijuana in plantations indoor.

Seized to 3,200 marijuana plants

When the agents were able to locate the addresses of residence of the investigated and the industrial buildings used for the exercise of the unlawful activity, carried out the corresponding device police that involved more than 30 officers. Investigators arrested 12 people -one in Los Alcáceres (Murcia), three in Villarrobledo (Albacete), and eight in Albacte capital – all of them of vietnamese origin.

In addition there were two house searches in the towns of Albacete and Los Alcáceres (Murcia), and three others in the two industrial warehouses in the industrial area of Campollano (Albacete) and in the nave of Villarrobledo (Albacete). In this last, the National Police had the support of Local Police officers of Villarrobledo, to the surprise of the three individuals in the interior when carrying out installation and refurbishment of the ship, which was being prepared to house more than 6,000 marijuana plants.

In total, officers seized 3.234 marijuana plants, two pounds of marijuana buds in and 5.295 euro in cash. The researchers determined that the destination of the marijuana was the United Kingdom, country of nationality and residence of the two ringleaders of the criminal organization.

Located six individuals confined in warehouses with poor conditions of hygiene

In the interior of the ships, in addition to the marijuana plants and the equipment used for its cultivation, the agents discovered six vietnamese citizens, two in each ship, to reside in them with a few hygienic conditions were precarious and without any type of documentation. They also had the possibility of leaving, since they did not have keys to open the doors of the warehouses that were closed and were only open for the members of the organization in which they supplied food and material to carry out the cultivation.

The researchers found that the industrial buildings had been completely refurbished in its interior. The organization had installed a complex infrastructure, both architectural and electrical, which allowed multiple productions in different rooms equipped for the production of about 200 marijuana plants, each one of them. They had a drying room and packaging so that completed the whole process of production. In addition, they had practiced huge “butrones” and tunnels in the floors of the ships to access to the general electricity network, leading to considerable disappointment in the electric fluid.

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